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Immigration process is very important when you have planned to reside in other country. In the process of immigration, you should complete some paper work and documentations to reach your destination country. Completing this immigration process may easy to normal couples. But, if you are gay there are many rules and regulations to be followed. They will not have that same immigration process as the heterosexual couples. In this situation, you can hire the professional immigration lawyers to handle this process gently. There are plenty of immigration law firms are available on this earth. So, hire the professional and experienced lawyers to get the gay immigration lawyers. Are you searching for the right firm? Then here is the wonderful suggestion for you and that is nothing but monument immigration source. Once you get into this source, they will take care of your gay immigration process if you have planned to marry a US citizen. So, choose this source to hire the gay immigration lawyer.

Gay immigration lawyer

If you are a gay and willing to marry American citizen within 90 days of arrival then you have to complete the immigration process in order to enter into your destination country. The immigration process of same sex couples have some rules and regulations to be followed. In order to finish this task, you can hire the professional immigration lawyers to complete the immigration paper works and documentations. Here, monument immigration is one of the leading sources which have the professional lawyers to handle this process gently. By hiring the trustworthy sources would help you to attain the accuracy and speed in their work. Here, K-1 visa allow the same sex fiancé to enter into the destination country and the benefits of having this visa are listed below.

  • Having this K-1 visa the immigrant can engage to American citizen.
  • The American citizen will not have the history of sex crimes
  • The same sex couple which means the American citizen and fiancĂ© has met once in the last two years

These are the benefits of having this K-1 visa. By hiring the experienced gay immigration lawyers, your same sex immigration process would be easily done.


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