Here Is How to Deploy Salesforce in Your Company Successfully!

Salesforce is a popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It helps businesses to manage these relationships through specially-made applications. Some examples of tasks that these applications can perform include sales management, marketing and special services. Salesforce is based in the Cloud. Hence, it is accessible from any part of the world as long as you have a computer and Internet access. A process of release management is normally performed when applying Salesforce to your business. To do this, you need an extra platform such as Flosum. Here is more about it.

What is Flosum?

Flosum is a native release platform that is used to manage Salesforce installation and application in a business. Flosum helps users to perform end-to-end salesforce dx deployment. It also helps them to perform better corporate governance and improved compliance as well. Flosum also helps to manage the complete lifecycle of the Salesforce application. Traditionally, Salesforce has had a weak release management function. Flosum fixes this by providing effective solutions.

Firstly, Flosum is constructed entirely on the Salesforce platform. As such, information technology (IT) professionals in your company such as business analysts, developers and release managers do not have to learn any other software language. Flosum provides users with a unique combination of strong change management processes and the Cloud platform. In doing so, the platform delivers higher business value.

Characteristics of Flosum 

Flosum has a number of characteristics which make it effective in managing salesforce dx deployments. Firstly, it has automated controls that help to perform comprehensive governance. While using Flosum, you have full visibility of your organization’s layout thanks to an executive dashboard. Public healthcare and financial corporations can also enjoy complete compliance when working with Flosum. To prevent catastrophes, the platform comes with an automatic rollback function too. It is important that business software be delivered quickly. As such, Flosum has continuous integration capability which makes this possible.

Benefits of using Flosum

When using this platform, you can enjoy a number of benefits. Some of these include:

  1. It provides complete solutions for native Salesforce deployment
  1. It is flexible
  1. It is easy to use
  1. Flosum enables better governance and compliance in your organization
  1. Flosum enables faster deployment

Complete solutions for you

Flosum supports all the metadata formats. As such, you can use this platform to migrate validation rules, custom fields, and field security without worrying about compatibility.

It is flexible

This platform can synchronize the Salesforce deployments of two or more organizations seamlessly.   Flosum can accomplish this even if the organizations are at different positions in the application delivery chain. Moreover, it will successfully synchronize them despite different ownership structures.

It is easy to use

Flosum makes it possible to perform native Salesforce deployments without having to write any code. The entire process is managed using an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). As such, there is no need to download any extra files or enter complicated commands. Flosum is constructed to be used successfully by both the technical and non-technical people in your company.


Implementing Salesforce in your company increases the chances of success. To deploy it successfully, you can make use of a platform such as Flosum, which is built on Salesforce and is therefore fully compatible. It is also built for the average user. As a result, it is easy, straightforward and highly effective.


Lucy Jones is a programmer. She works with corporations to make their business processes easier. One of the tasks that she performs regularly is the deployment of Salesforce in companies. She utilizes the platform available at to perform this task. Willard shared her knowledge to make this report possible.


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