Social Media Trends you should know about right now

Social media is a fast changing industry that is leaving a great impact on the society as well.  To sustain in the business or to get the most from social media, you need to stay updated with the latest trend in this domain. In the coming days, social some trends will completely dominate the social media. Talking about this drift, here are 5 Social Media Trends you should know about right now to maintain the visible growth.

Social messaging will have more control

Until this time companies and experts did not give much importance to social messaging apps, but now things are going to change. In the coming days focus will shift from social networking to social messaging which is obvious as well. The total number of users using WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, WeChat, and Viber are much larger compared to top social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Social messaging gives a personal touch, and all people want to have that personal touch with their service providers or brand.  This trend will keep on increasing, and companies need to focus on this area to get most from their social marketing efforts.

No more fake News on social networks

In the present time, almost every millennial has a smartphone connected to high-speed internet. These young smartphone users prefer to get the news via their mobile phone and social network. Until this time companies were not serious against the fake news, but now things will be different. All social networking companies are taking strict action to fight the fake news, and this will result in the future trend as well. With new changes, we will be able to have more trust on the news available on social networks.

Content will be more authentic

Youtube is the largest video sharing community, and it is getting better every day. We can say the same thing for Facebook and other social networks as well. Now the content that you see on these social networks is attracting audiences with live videos. These live videos give you an assurance about the authenticity of that content. This trend will keep on increasing because it will connect users with the brand on the basis of authenticity.

Augmented reality will get the new heights

Augmented reality is not a new thing for social networks, but this trend will see a new level in coming days.  This trend started with SnapChat and Pokemon go, but now Facebook is already working on it, and same goes for other companies as well. In the present time, the cost of virtual reality devices is reduced, and you have plenty of options as well. All these key points played a crucial role in this growth, and it will attract attention from much more people in the coming days as well.

Increase of social shopping and instant purchase

The trend of social shopping is going to boom in the coming days. This trend is not new, but it will keep on increasing, and it will play a major role in business success as well. Many studies claimed that 75% buyers buy a product from the brands that they follow. Also, up to 75% people bought something because they saw the product on social media. So, if your brand is not on social media do not waste a single minute and start building your online brand to stay ahead in SEO and competition.


You need to understand that change is the only thing that remains consistent. If you are not willing to accept the change, you cannot survive much longer in the completion. But if you are following updated strategy for social media marketing, you can get maximum benefit as well. So, it is advised you choose your inbound marketing smartly and get maximum benefit with it.

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