Dedicated experts together deliver their best in heavy vehicle repair

Breakdowns are one of the common issues faced by the heavy vehicle owners on the road. It is usual for the heavy vehicle owners to service the vehicle to maintain it perfectly but since it is a machine, anything can happen on the way all of a sudden. Since the heavy vehicles are used continuously in transportation, the chances of issues are quite common. Therefore the truck or trailer or any other heavy vehicle drivers are aware about it. If there is any issues in the truck or trailer, ntts breakdown services can be called any time to receive quick truck or semi trailer repair services.

NTTS Breakdown offer services such as:

  • Truck repair
  • Semi trailer repair
  • Semi truck repair
  • Mobile truck repair
  • Tire repair
  • Spindle repair
  • Commercial towing

Team of experts

NTTS has team of experts regarding tuck repair, trailer repair and for other services offered. The dedicated team brings up the perfect solution to solve any kind of issues in the truck or any other heavy vehicles to restore and make it on the run again. Each technician in NTTS is skilled and trained and also experienced. Expert team of professionals always delivers flawless services to ensure customer satisfaction.


The experienced and skilled technicians have wide range of practice in dealing with diverse range of heavy vehicles. The best of NTT breakdown services includes implementing expert smart repair strategies with professional approach to resolve the issues as quick as possible. The main objective is to deliver quality service with no flaws and bringing right vendor to you. With serving around 600 to 700 kilometer radius appropriate measures are followed to ensure safety.


The success of NTTS understands the emergency of the truck driver and the owner since it is a business vehicle. Taking the issues in to serious consideration as it affects the business in many ways, proper solution is provided in a quick manner. The mobile technicians bring on latest tools and strategies to fix the issues as soon as possible. It is an expert service company with expert and dedicated team.


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