Guide For First Time Train Travelers In India

Travelling by train is quite an amazing and exciting experience, which you should explore once in your lifetime. Travelling by train is much better than travelling by bus, specially when you are in India. Train is recommended more than bus if the travelling journey is going to be long, which may include travelling overnight as well. India is known to have the largest rail network as well as the busiest. Around the country there are about 7000 railway stations.

So to make your first time train experience in India easy and smooth, in this article you will find some of the quintessential guidelines.

  1. When you are travelling in India through trains, you may not have to consider language as a huge barrier, especially if you are known with English. As there is a high possibility that some or the other passengers along with you, in the train compartment would be known with English. The train inspectors who come to check your ticket also speaks in English.
  1. You can also book your tickets with the foreigners’ quota, which will be helpful to you, as you will get to have more of passengers travelling with you with the same quota, in same compartment.
  1. Also while travelling through train, you could have delivery of food in trains booked beforehand, particularly when you are going on a long journey which includes overnight stay. You could also carry along your food packed from hotel, whatever is comfortable for you.
  1. Feel free to talk to people who are in the same compartment as you. As you will get to learn quite some interesting things, and most of the people in India are friendly. This will make your journey more happening.
  1. Carry a small bag along, which can store your passport, laptop, and wallet. So you can keep all such important things around you all the time, even while going to bathroom you will be able to carry it with you. As why take any risk, even though most people might be honest, but you never know.
  1. Wear comfortable clothes, and shoes which are easily removable, as you wouldn’t find any changing rooms on trains. The bathrooms are comparatively small, so most of the people prefer to sleep without changing into their pajamas. But surely you can still anyways carry your toothbrush and pajamas.
  1. Don’t flaunt around any of your expensive items. Also while travelling through trains in India, take along with you some sanitizer, Lysol wipes, hand soap, and toilet paper in your hand bag.
  1. Have some Indian currency, with small denominations and keep it where they can be reached easily, like your pockets. So this way, whenever you need anything, you won’t have to take out all the money you have.
  1. Try and travel through Rajdhani or Shatabdi trains, as they are air-conditioned, and comfortable, also they are quite fast.
  1. To avoid any feeling of nausea, try to keep some ginger or mint candies, or chewing gums handy.

Some may find it to be a challenging experience, whereas some may be wondering about how their experience is going to be, to travel first time in India through trains. Hope these guidelines are helpful to the tourists who are planning to travel in India via trains for the very first time.

Brushless Motors Quadcopter RC Drone-MJX Bugs 3

The box of MJX bugs 3 quadcopter also reveals there are a number of additional components that you could buy to boost this drone in whatever you want, from FPV speed to an excellent digital camera drone.

The fantastic news is that you could also get yourself a really excellent yet cheap 4k action camera for it. If you want to discover the lowest costed prices for your action camera, you can set up our Free Firefox growth that may help you find the cheapest priced technical gadgets like drones and action cams by evaluating the outcomes of sites. The dimension the MJX bugs 3 quadcopters is 31 cm from the motor to engine (and over 40 cm from brace to prop), that makes it mid-sized. It also has a port for an actions digital camera that can match GoPro idol 3 and idol 4, however, not the new hero5.Seeing that also described in it clips, I am fairly satisfied with the standard structure of RTF RC quadcopter itself. The nasty it really is made from seems high best quality and it works together with damage pretty well from my experience.?

MJX bugs 3 quadcopters at an acceptable price

Does not have elevation maintain or headless setting/one key come back. I consider a plus Exceptional and maneuverable brochure at the high quantity. Yet nice and continuous at low quantity for antenna movie reasons.Excellent promoted range at 300 to 500 meters. However, in this film, I limited the number that I was planning a trip to simply over 200 meters, as this dark quadcopter gets hard to find at that range.Provides telemetry caution beeps of low battery or when vacationing near RTF RC quadcopter’s range limit.

Includes a camera of RTF RC quadcopter install that accommodates most GoPro design action cameras such as for example Xiaomi Yi and also the larger SJCAMs.

Not for starters. Needs information traveling, is to keep alignment (all black), and doesn’t have elevation maintain. And generally, brushless motor quadcopters are simply not secure in the hands of a fresh brochure. You really should end up being experienced in this skill before taking into consideration this quadcopter.

The 7.4V 1800mah share battery is somewhat exclusive. Generally, it includes a case around it to correctly fit it into battery bay. Yet much huge 7.4v batteries will also match this electric battery power section, and will be used when you can your internet site XT30 battery get connected to connect to RTF RC quadcopter. Also, recommend some froth to make certain that they fit well.

I had to land much sooner than the promoted 19 a few minutes flight time at 8 a few minutes 42 seconds because of low battery telemetry aware. The battery still had 7.57V keeping potential calculated after obtaining. Also to be reasonable, battery power was not yet programmed, and it was raising the excess weight of a SJCAM while being strongly traveled.

Simtoo Dragonfly Pro Folding Drone Controller Flight Test Review

Simtoo dragonfly master Journey Efficiency. The Simtoo dragonfly genius is progressively simple to fly. In the standard voyaging strategy (which would the simple technique with GPS empowered), the elevated photography ramble responds effectively and responsively to the administrator. The administrator is sensibly huge. It doesn’t have a considerable measure of administration catches and looks simple and inviting to utilize. There is an included gear for you to introduce a telephone and in addition, the elevated at the back.

There is a little show that uncovers the basic points of interest too. Both the thumbs stays are super simple to utilize and simple to administration too while the gimbal paint rollers on the shoulder territory are a smidgen sensitive, causing in more noteworthy than required movements at whatever point utilized. The Simtoo dragonfly Pro genius is progressively simple to fly. In the standard voyaging technique (which would the simple strategy with GPS empowered), the ethereal photography ramble responds effortlessly and responsively to the administrator.

The elevated photography automaton will likewise in a split second remain set up in the event that you quit getting the handles, and it moves from its extraordinary position by 2-3 legs or thereabouts, however measurement sensible it is solid. This isn’t quite a bit of an issue when you are outside in a begin zone or high open to question, however in the house it may matter. With a 5200mAh 11.1V battery control, it is a sensible measurement and Simtoo explanations a plane time of around 25 minutes. It can last around 18 minutes with the gimbal introduced close by 22 minutes without. With respect to payload, battery control takes a hit also yet nothing excessively incredible.

The administrator will disclose to you when battery control is low, at that point you certainly should zone it right away, despite the fact that I could even now fly it around for around 3-4 minutes before the ethereal photography ramble forced itself to the range. The battery control is exceptionally hard to take out too.

The airborne photography drone ramble diminished forward and backward out of the sky, I watched it video the highest point of a few plants and after that aftermath of viewpoint. I contributed a great 10 minutes searching for it before the neighbor’s the red mellow from the experienced camera, and I saw lacking individuals strong ethereal photography ramble spread over the ground. Incredibly, just a single support arm was broken and the gimbal had sheared off at the rubber treated twist. The vast majority of alternate items had essentially bounced out and were not broken. The aeronautical photography ramble still plays out the gimbal is improved the situation, yet after enormous levels of channel record, the broken prop arm has returned again the ethereal photography ramble still raises off. It data to either part routinely, however, I’m significantly less careful of it now since it is very nearly a discount.I adore this ethereal photography automaton and voyaging it is simply so amazingly fun. This is my first wander into the universe of flying photography rambles, and I’m very appreciative that the Simtoo dragonfly star is so apprenticed gainful. That being said, however, it’s not economical, start at $450.

Sarees for formal occasions

Occasions and parties mean one has to look gorgeous. What can be more gorgeous to Indian women than a saree draped beautifully? Well, though we have become at ease in wearing dresses, kurtis and western outfits in our regular days but whenever there is an occasion, we always fall back on sarees as they are the best saviours.

Women these days buy party wear designer sarees or when it comes to some major occasions they rely on the traditional ones which they have either inherited from their mothers and grandmothers or they have added to their wardrobes recently. Traditional sarees can also be some brilliant party wears and one can look drop dead gorgeous in them.

Banarasi Silk

These sarees have bright and marvellous colours and the sheen and texture of these sarees make them different from the rest. The saree is purely originated in the land of Banaras or Varanasi and the specialty of this saree is, they have unique golden borders. This sari is mainly popular as bridal attires in many parts of India but it can also be worn in some major occasions.


These sarees have mainly originated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and they are the royal ones when it comes to designs and materials. The main fabric used for these sarees are tissue silk and on that one gets to see some beautiful chanderi patterns like geometric designs, patterns, floral arts and coin motifs. These sarees are paired best with traditional jewelleries. From housewarming parties to evening office parties; this saree goes very well.


Tant Sarees

If you are looking sarees which are good for regular wear and are light and breezy at the same time then tant is the best for you. West Bengal is the state where original taant sarees are woven. These sarees are not much flowy like georgette or a silk saree but they have a beauty of their own. The thread works done on the fabric are very much unique and one can easily flaunt them in a festive occasion.


This is the most famous one when it comes to bridal attire in the southern part of India. This is one of the most gorgeous drapes one can think of. The hub of this saree is definitely Kanchipuram which is situated in Tamil Nadu. The main thing about this saree is they are available in vibrant colours and have borders with exquisite temple patterns.

Assam Silk Sarees

As the name has it, this sari has its origin in the state of Assam. The traditional saree of Assam is known as the Mekhla and it has two pieces separately which has to be draped around the body. The beauty of this saree is the weaving of golden silk threads and these sarees are very easy to tackle.

Batik Print Sarees

These sarees are very creative and they are a mixture of wax and dye, one can easily wear them in any formal occasions.

One can also buy designer fancy bollywood sarees for party or evening gatherings.

Xiaomi’s MI Drone is pretty affordable for what it does-Review

The first quadcopter with Xiaomi advertising aboard, we saw the last season. But there were a few drawbacks many clients didn’t implement. Probably, the most eye-catching of them involved the 1080p video clips ability. Complete HD is not bad, but they desired 4K quality. The China producer took this aspect into consideration, and we were presented the Xiaomi MI Drone 4k a short time returning.

There were created over 400 optimizations and 5 significant components up-dates compared to the 1080p edition. So this quadcopter is guaranteed to offer excellent efficiency. Its cost at 436 and it’s going to hit the industry on Goal 3. So we made the decision to get our arms on it and get familiar with the key functions of the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k.

In evaluation to the 1080p edition, the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k uses two categories of individual heterogeneous IMU and compass indicator. Such a mixture is met discovered hardly ever on UAVs.

 It will help the drone in offering better flight real-time tracking by consolidating information from both receptors. This aerial photography drone uses 1.2mm ultra-thin light and portable body system style procedure. They weigh only 670 grams, which can be looked at as a list for such type drones. So compared with many other Quadcopters the aerial photography drone 4K looks more fashionable, but this modification doesn’t impact battery power and the life-period.

 As you think, the advancements relate to battery and lifetime as well. Because of 5100mAh battery (actually, there are four specific 4.35V lithium plastic electric batteries) it can supply to 26 occasions of on-going flight time.

The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k has a 12MP Sony models back-illuminated indicator that may perform documenting videos at 3840 x 2160 p quality. Moreover, it enables you to save the info files in the RAW framework. This device is devoted to new TDMA know-how, which indicates it offers an anti-jamming efficiency somewhat more powerful compared to the standard Wi-Fi plan. Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k now facilitates transmitting add the initial 1km to 4km.

This digital camera is filled with a 3-axis brushless self-stabilizing pan, built-in 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis brushless engine new driver. So it can perform providing up to 2000 period’s better information buy and function settlement. Each and every time we discuss aerial photography drone we discuss there was created a lot more than 400 application advancements. But this declaration doesn’t suggest anything to a newbie.

In other conditions, Xiaomi has designed a distinctive app enabling to control the aerial pictures drone quickly. You can make tracks, set up automated takeoffs and landings in addition to a location, hovering confirmed factor and automated keep coming back. Instead of fidgeting round together with your fingernails you could simply grab the fidget spinner plus perform with it. Numerous people possess effectively curbed unwelcome practices using fidget RC toys.

Hold spinner in a single hand as well as utilize the other hands toward spin it fast using little incessant strikes to maintain it spinning indeterminately through practice spinners could possibly be spun using one hand merely using the fingertips of one hand toward the stop, in addition, start spinning.

Good skill and excellence bring Soft Sensation and up to 5 minutes Spin Time with one strike. Small sufficient to carry in your pocket, you could spin it for fun anytime and all over the place. It’s fun plus interesting effective for Focus plus Deep Thought.


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey in a couple’s life, and men and women equally share the joy of it. But, earlier the scene of pregnancy was very different in our country. Pregnancy was often used as a tool to measure a woman’s worth and her whole life was supposed to evolve around her kids and husband. And husbands would often not play a part in that. Over decades the stereotypes have changed and now men take active participation when their partners are going through the pregnancy phase.

First pregnancy is especially very scary for the mothers. Husbands should do all they can to provide their support. Also, couples could use pregnancy baby growth week by week video to learn more about pregnancy.  Given, below are a few ways that husbands could support their wife’s in dealing with pregnancy:

1) Don’t expect her to be the same- Right now, she’s not the same.  Her body might feel out of control, especially if this is her first pregnancy. Pregnancy brings a lot of hormonal changes in a woman that ultimately leads to mood swings. She isn’t doing all of this on purpose, it is just the hormones.

2) Let her rest She needs extra sleep right now.  She’s growing a baby, and her hormones are all over the place!  She might get tired more often, or feel less energetic. Women tend to be especially tired in the first trimester and in their last few weeks.  Let her have her extra sleep and noon naps. It helps.

3) Understand her food cravings and aversions pregnancy mood swings often bring weird food cravings and aversions. A food that was her all time favourite could now just disgust her, if so, stay by her side and get her what she wants. Support her all you can. Pamper her with love and affection and be there for her.

4) listen to her pregnancy might scare the lady a bit and especially if it is her first time. She is going to be worried about the delivery and about the baby’s health. It is not that she does not want to be a mother; she just needs a little bit of reassurance that she will do it just fine. So, if she is worried about anything related to pregnancy it is your job to make her feel relaxed.

5) Attend her doctors’ appointments or at least ask about them If you can, attend doctors’ appointments with her.  Try to attend at least a couple of them — when you hear the baby’s heartbeat, when you get the “big” ultrasound at 20 weeks, if she’s getting major blood work, etc.  Sometimes it’s just for emotional support, you have to be there. Especially these ultra sounds are important for the mother because of the pregnancy week by week pictures.

I hope this article helps all the clueless husbands out there. Now you know exactly how to deal with your wife’s mood swings and food cravings etc at the time of her pregnancy.

Tips for better staffing!

The management process is very important in the business. It should be done in a proper way. Everybody has its own way to manage but there are some principles which have to be followed. The better management gives that extra edge which is required to be successful in this head to head competitive market. The management process includes various different steps and one of the most important steps is staffing or recruitment.

Many business persons don’t focus on this step, for the best results for the company but the employees are always responsible and the biggest reason for a successful business, so one should pay some attention in choosing their employees. Giving a proper chance to the talented one is very important. Referrals are also somewhat necessary for better staffing. You can ask for the referrals from the already working employees and they may have a skilled worker in their known. This will save your time as well as cost.

Staffing is like a marketing process in which building a brand and encouraging more and more people to apply for the jobs. More options will give you proper chance of choosing the best one. Good employees of firm are directly proportional to good output of the firm. Staffing process includes various steps which should be followed by the businesses for better management.

  1. Find all the options: this is the first and important step to identify all the options available. A wider choice is always better. There are some services offered by agencies that you may not know very well. Ask a lot of questions so you can make sure that your decision is right or not.
  2. Talk more: Give full details of your company’s goal or objective of the near future to the recruits, ask about the interest of that person so you can make his best use. It will show his individual’s objective and his potential.
  3. Promotes Specialization: this is very important, specialization means choosing the right person at right place at right time. It reduces overlapping of work and employees, and also wasteful activities. Before announcing vacancies, you should check the requirement and also the place or department where they are required.
  4. Tests: tests should be conducted to choose the best one. There are various types of tests such as intelligence test, aptitude test, skill test and physical test etc. You can also go for engineering aptitude test online which allows you to find best staff.
  5. Introduce with their leaders: Generally, leaders don’t take interviews, they only selects the best one. It is important to introduce the recruits to the leaders. It will help in choosing the best match.
  6. Be Practical: instead of asking theoretical questions, ask about the practical experiments. It is also important to provide On the Job Training in some of the companies and businesses. Inform the recruit about the required skills in details.
  7. Make your decision fast: you should never make a late choice; it can affect your firm’s reputation. Be clear with your decision and don’t hesitate in choosing.

These all tips will surely help you and don’t forget to take the engineering aptitude test online for good decision.

Get Reliable Floral Delivery Services To Surprise Your Darling Partner

Udaipur is the most beautiful and adoring city of India. We provide top quality and most attractive flower arrangements and bouquets to Udaipur as well as its surrounding locations. Our flower delivery platform comes with a team of talented designers who committed to design quality, gorgeous arrangements and offer outstanding client service to the customers.  We provide reliable floral and same-day delivery. Flowers are the romantic and exciting way to show love.  In fact, red color flowers are fantastic symbols of eternal romance and love. Bouquets and bunches of roses are suitable for various romantic occasions such as wedding anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, Valentine’s Day and more. The most beautiful flowers are nicely designed, decorated and arranged with flower vases, bunches, and bouquets. Let flower arrangements to show your love with their innocence, aroma and charismatic presence. The most delightful flowers have some exclusive features to spread the messages which are unspoken by you.  Apart from that, they have a magic to lighten away you stress or tension and cheer people up.

Hire expert florist team

The alluring aroma of our flowers turns even the boring and full ambiance into energetic. You can spice up and enhance your life by sending erotic flower arrangements to your dear ones or darling partner. Our red rose bouquets or arrangements are ideal for conveying your lovable and romantic messages. If you want to bring unique surprise to your dear ones, you can book our online flower delivery in Udaipur. Every flower delivery order placed with our platform is taking care by our professional florists.  It is helpful to check the list of services offered by us before choosing anyone. We have different varieties of fresh and eye-catching flowers that will suit all gifting needs and tastes.   We also offer flower delivery services for birthdays, mother’s day, wedding, special events and much more. For booking an ideal bunch, we present you a nice collection of flower arrangements. The amazing floral collection helps you to send the right type of flowers to your friends, relatives, mother and loved ones.

Order fresh flowers online

With our assistance as an expert florist now you can make sure that your loved ones are getting an attractively adorned flower decoration for all kinds of special occasions or events. Our flower delivery online aids you in arranging for an extensive range of flowers which will add charm and beauty naturally.  These kinds of flowers have some specialized features to show your true feelings and demonstrate your love in an exceptional manner.  If you plan to give a pleasant and beautiful surprise to your loved ones, you can deliver flowers in Udaipur by hiring us.  You can simply visit our website where you can choose the best kind of flowers or floral arranges for your dear ones. Our florists will make sure that all flowers are fragrant and fresh as well as set up uniquely n the most attractive arrangement. Moreover, we design the floral arrangements ideal for many special events and memorable occasions.

If You’re Planning to Sell Your Home, Here Are the Helpful Tips You Must Know

The country’s housing market continues to become healthier and more competitive, and this is apparent with the gradual increase in home and property sales. If you are planning to sell or buy a house in Australia, it is now the perfect time to do so. Since more families have the financial capability to purchase new houses, brokers and agents are always on the lookout for potential clients. While majority of home buyers and sellers cannot do without the assistance of professional brokers and agents, there is a growing trend that goes against this housing market culture.

The common practice in the housing market is that property and home sellers retain the services of brokers and agents who can assist them in finding buyers and in transferring necessary documents for change of ownership of the property or home. However, there is a trend now in Australia that leaves brokers and/or agents from the picture. Homeowners selling their homes, while not new in the housing industry, are becoming much more prevalent and popular in Australia. In this real estate process, the home seller no longer hires a broker or agent to represent them before the buyer. Basically, sellers no need to pay for commission of the broker and agent, allowing them to obtain more money in the sale.

While most of sellers do the marketing of their property, it is not uncommon for some to hire marketing professionals to do it for them. Some sellers also post their ads on online selling sites to attract more potential buyers. Homeowner-sellers likewise hire lawyers who represent them throughout the sales process. Some may go with just quantity surveyor and go ahead on selling the house. Because of its less complicated nature, it has become one of the more popular choices of Australia home sellers throughout the years. Listed below are some of the many notable benefits.

It cuts the red tape – In a home selling process that involves brokers and agents, the negotiations can be a bit more time-consuming for both parties. Since the buyer needs not to negotiate with the broker or agent, he or she can directly talk with the seller, cutting the red tape and saving both parties time. Because of this, negotiations become more direct and personal; hence, if the buyer is already decided to buy the property, he or she can easily do so, giving both parties benefits.

It can reduce the final price – Since there are no brokers and agents who will get commission, the final price can be reduced, which can help the seller to sell the property faster and can naturally benefit the buyer, depending on the quantity surveyor. One of the common reasons why an Australian home is sold at a relatively higher price is because agents and brokers have a cut on the sale, so if they’re not part of the sales process, the price can be reduced.

It makes the sale simpler – If you are the type of home seller who is not fond of dealing with complicated processes, then it is perfect for you. Since you don’t have to hire agents and brokers, you can directly communicate and negotiate with the potential buyers, making the sale more personal and interactive.

While it has various benefits, sellers and buyers must still take precautionary measures. There are many legitimate sellers in the country but there are also scam artists who are ready to lure unsuspecting individuals. It is important for any buyer and seller to determine if the person they will be dealing with have no ill plans against them, making sure that the sale will be smooth sailing and will leave both parties at a good state.


Planning a Trip to Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh is one of the popular tourism states in the Northern India. Himachal Pradesh is a state which has a lot of hill stations, mountains, and natural environment. Himachal Pradesh is bordered by six different states such as Jammu Kashmir in the north of Himachal, Punjab, and Chandigarh on the west, Haryana on the south-west, Uttarakhand on the south-east and Uttar Pradesh in the south of Himachal.

Different tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh are mentioned down below. They are as follows:

  1. Shimla: Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This place is known for its colonial architecture, Himalayan views which a beautiful landscape, museums, Temples, Church and the very famous Mall Road. You will also find the army camp in Shimla. The Mall Road is the commercial area of Shimla where you will find all the local and branded shops, restaurants, cafes etc. It is a small town but surrounded by beautiful mountains. Another place to visit in Shimla is Kufri. Kufri is a small hill station located in the district of Shimla. It is 20 kilometres away from the main Shimla town. During the winters or snow, there are a lot of adventure sports that you do in Kufri such as Ziplining, Skiing, Yak riding, Horse riding etc.
  2. Manali: Manali is a town that is located in the northern region of Himachal Pradesh. It is the perfect place for adventure sports like skiing and trekking in the Solang and Parvati Valley. You can also do paragliding, rafting, and mountaineering. The other famous places to visit in Manali are the temples, Mall Road, Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art.
  3. Dharamsala: Dharamsala is another city in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located on the edge of the Himalayan Mountains. Dharamsala is home for the famous monk Dalai Lama. It is a centre of the Buddhist monks and for Buddhism. Another Tibetan enclave in Dharamsala that is a must place to visit is McLeod Ganj. This again is a small hill station surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains. Dharamsala is the main centre for the Tibetans. You will also find the monastery, Tibetan culture, and art museums, institutes which preserve Tibetan arts, music, dance, and performance.
  4. Kasauli: Kasauli is a small hill station located in the northern region of Himachal Pradesh. The few of the places to visit are HawaGhar, Sunset Point, Monkey Point where you can overlook the forest of horse chestnut and Himalayan oak etc. A small Hanuman temple is located in Monkey Point. You cannot miss the Gilbert Nature Trail where you can find the amazing birdlife.
  5. Kullu: Kullu is located on the Banks of the Beas River. It is the capital town of the Kullu district. Kullu is a broad open valley. This valley is formed by the Beas River between Largi and Manali. Kullu is famous for its hills covered with pine and deodar forest, apple orchards, temples etc. Some of the top sights to visit are Rupi Palace, Temples, and Nature Park Mohal, etc. Another place to visit in Kullu district is Kasol. Kasol is a village in the Kullu district. It is located on the banks of the Parvati River. Some of the places to visit in Kasol are Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, hot water spring, Chalal Trek Trail, temples, etc.

These are few of the famous places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. There are many smaller hill stations situated here. The best thing to do while planning your Himachal trip is to take a Himachal Tour Package. This will help you to cover the important and main places in Himachal Pradesh. You can do a research on the different tour packages.