Taking You To The Latest Patterns And Prints In Sarees

Sarees are one of the most popular Indian attire in the world. Everyone from Naomi Campbell to Lady Gaga, have shown their love towards this attire, by draping one around their waist. They are available in so many options of fabrics, designs, and patterns that one can never get tired of wearing one. And thanks to these online today anyone can buy sarees online.

Monsoons are already here, and it’s time for all you saree lovers to update your wardrobe, with some light breezy and colorful fabrics, to raise your style quotient. So, today we are listing some of the latest saree prints and patterns that are trending this year. Every Bollywood celebrity is in love with these designs. And you might have seen your teacher wearing one or the other design on our list.

  1. Silk Saree

Silk is one of the most favorite fabrics of ladies when it comes to buying a saree. You can wear a silk saree on any occasion be it your own wedding or your friend wedding. The royal look of this fabric turns anyone who wears it into a goddess. It is also very stiff and detailed, which makes it perfect for all body types. They make you look sexy and classy at the same. Anyone from your grandmother to your mother or you can wear it. Silk sarees will always stay evergreen in India.  Green is the hot new trending color this summer. The silk fabric brings an exquisite shine on the saree which makes it a hit this year. You can wear this color for any occasion be it a festival or your fresher’s party. You can also carry plain simple blouse with this saree, as the saree already appears heavy and shiny because of its fabric.

  1. Stripes Saree

This saree is a perfect match for you if you like to add a little fusion of western style in your wardrobe. Stripes are one of the most popular saree design this summer, and black and white is the most popular combo. This pattern is particularly popular amongst the younger generation of girls. Team this saree, with an off shoulder or a cutout blouse and you will look anything less than a celebrity. I personally love striped sarees. They are usually available in crepe and georgette fabric, making them very flowy and light in nature, which can be worn on a daily basis. These stripes are available in almost every color in the market, you can mix and match and experiment with your blouse while shopping for this saree. You can also find broad small, extensive and intrusive stripe designs on these sarees.

Style Tip: Did you know that horizontal stripes on your clothes can create an illusion, that can help you look slimmer and taller than you actually are. So, go ahead and look sexy and confident.

  1. Lacy or Net Saree

Sarees are already so sexy, but if you add a little lace or net fabric in its design, its beauty becomes literally unmatchable. Net Sarees are a big hit on all Indian weddings as well as can also be seen donning by our Bollywood celebrities on the red carpet. Everyone from Kareena to Deepika to Aishwarya loves to wear this saree, every now and then and embrace their desi roots. I can guarantee that most women in the country own at least one net or lace saree. Who would like to get draped in a beautiful shiny net fabric that makes them look like a true Indian princess? If you are going for a sexy look, then you can try darker shades like black, maroon, brown or bottle green. However, if you want to feel angelic and beautiful, you can wear light shades like pink, rose gold, white or cream.

  1. Printed Saree

Prints come and go, but this saree never goes out of style. This is a big hit amongst the Baniya community in the country, who like wearing sarees every day. These printed sarees are available in all type of fabric from cotton to georgette to polyester. You can wear them easily every day. They are light, airy and very colorful, which makes them perfect for summer. Most teachers in India also prefer wearing these printed sarees, as they are easy to carry and look good on everybody. Unlike other fabrics like pure cotton and silk, there is no extensive hassle to handle them. You can buy sarees in all type of prints from dots, to floral patterns or beautiful sceneries. Usually, Indian women prefer wearing abstract print sarees on their daily basis. But you can buy sarees, with prints and designs of birds, animals or Hindu mythology on these sarees.

  1. Crepe Saree

Crepe is one of the most popular fabrics of this summer, not only for sarees but for western wear as well. Trust me there is nothing better than the softness of crepe. You will love the feel of this crepe saree draped around your body. It’s light weight and softness, makes it the perfect fabric for a saree. It kisses your curves tightly and is very easy to handle. You won’t need to adjust it a thousand times, just tug it properly once and it will stay put on your body. These sarees are particularly popular for their abstract designs and chic patterns. The way bright colors pop on this fabric helps in delivering a very royal and classy look. You can wear them on pretty much any occasion.


These are some of the most popular sarees in India, currently, and we recommend you to keep at least one from each category in your wardrobe. Trust us, no other piece of clothing, not even your little black dress can compete with a sexy black saree.

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