Reasons Why Pallet Delivery Is Considered As A Practical Option

Pallets are flat structures widely used for supporting and transporting goods. They form the foundation on which the goods to be transported are packed and secured with straps. Pallets have largely replaced older materials like wooden boxes and barrels. pallet deliveries romania is considered to be a reliable and cheap method of delivery. The typical weight limit of transportation by pallets is around 1000 kg. 

Pallets can be made either of natural, treated wood or non-wooden materials like steel or aluminium, engineered wood, corrugated ply-boards etc. The material of pallet to be used for delivery of goods would depend on the material to be delivered. The basic requirement of pallets is that they should be able to withstand heavy weights without breakage.

Here are few types of pallet, based on the material of their construction.

  • Eco-pallet– Pallets made of paper are used. Most popular for lightweight items and when recycling is desired.
  • Steel pallet– Most popular for transporting military equipment and ammunition. Most suitable for long term dry storage.
  • Aluminium pallet– Being stronger than wood and plastic, lighter than steel and rust resistant, aluminium pallets are used for air freight and long-term storage at sea. Occasionally, they are used for military goods.
  • Plastic pallet– More economical and suitable for long-term repeated use, plastic pallets is lighter in weight than their metallic counterparts.

When can it be used?

Contrary to popular belief that pallet delivery is only used for heavy machinery and manufacturing devices, it can be efficiently used for all those items that will be bulky or difficult to pack and transport by vans. Some routine household items like freezers, storage units etc. are especially suited to such delivery. It is especially recommended for fragile items because there is minimal chance of breakage in this kind of delivery.

What are its benefits?

  • Cost effective.

For big and bulky items, this type of delivery is probably the most economic option.

  • Ideal for fragile items.

Since the stuff to be transported is exclusively handled and packed on to pallets, there are no steps that will involve impact by throwing items.

  • It is a great option for goods that cannot be taken home by the buyer themselves.

How to pack the goods for pallet delivery?

The most straightforward way to pack goods is to individually pack them with enough padding. Next, the pallet itself is wrapped by the technique of shrink/stretch wrapping. The next step is to stack the goods on top of each other, keeping in mind that the heavier goods go at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. In most cases, the freight company will pack your shipment in a secure way in lieu of some extra payment.

Delivery to Romania 

Romania is the largest Balkan country, located on the shores of Black Sea. Some important commercial Romanian centres are the cities Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi. Road freight of big and bulky equipment to these places is best done by pallet deliveries romania. There are many courier and parcel services across different European countries that render this service to the customer.

Given the terrain of the country and the nature of the items to be shipped, a pallet delivery in Romania is the preferred mode of transport of big equipment there.