Specifications of LG G7 are amazing

LG Company is planning to unveil its LG G7 before the actual usual launch of G Series phones, to compete its rival – Samsung. The LG G6 was launched in March. Galaxy S9 is going to release in March or April. For LG G7, the company has decided to pre-pone the launch schedule, and according to the investors, it might release in January 2018. The reports suggest that the research and development process for LG G7 had already begun since March 2017. Moreover, new LG G7 will make its buyers grin with its outstanding AI.

Appearance and design of LG G7

Externally LG G6 reminiscent of some Samsung models, but it is only at first glance. The eyes immediately rush to the thin frame not only on the sides but also from above and below.  Apparently, the thinnest smartphone gradually goes out of fashion and LG G6 proof, it felt even thicker than the old phone the LG G4! But it has a positive impact on comfort and grip in general; the device feels solid and thorough. The new smartphone LG G7 with a new stylish design – bendable 5.7-inches display is really going to help the LG Company beating its major rivals like Galaxy S8, S8+.

Reliability of G7

Housing smartphone G6 is made of metal and plastic. Rear cover glass coated Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is markedly better, resists scratches than a generation 3 and 4 but is less resistant to shocks. Upcoming LG G7 is coming out next year with a metal body, having IP69K by US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G, making the smartphone LG G7 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, resistant to temperature and chemicals.

 The various tests performed for it, you can read about what is tested as part of the standard:

  • Height test by high and low pressure;
  • Exposure to high and low temperatures as well as thermal shock (including operational and storage position);
  • Rain, including freezing rain;
  • Humidity, fungus, salt fog testing for corrosion resistance;
  • Sand and dust;
  • Pyrotechnic Shock, i.e., testing in an explosive atmosphere;
  • Running water;
  • Acceleration;
  • Vibration from the fire;
  • The shaking during transportation;
  • The vibrations along different axes, acoustic noise;
  • Resistance to sunlight and others
  • Storage and Interface

To deploy elements of LG G6 similar to its predecessor, USB Type-C is at the bottom, next to the ringing speaker and 3.5 mm jack is located at the top.

Hardware keys are on the left, which can be strange at first. On the opposite side, there is a SIM card tray. In the upcoming hero LG G7, the location of fingerprint sensor would be at the back of the display. Moreover, we can see a huge amount of enhancement in most of the features like the RAM. RAM of G7 as expected is 6GB with the 32GB internal storage; the new LG G7 will hit the market with a new Android Version 8.0 or Android “O” and expected to be named as “Oreo”.

CPU and battery life

According to a Koran report, LG and Qualcomm are working mutually and so the LG G7 will come next year with latest Qualcomm chipset Snapdragon 845 SoC. Now let’s come to the battery power, the upcoming hero LG G7 is coming out with a Removable battery Li-Ion 4000mAh battery capacity.

Info Source: LGG7D.com

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