The most colourful and innovative Rangoli design ideas

Posted On By Leen Bakker

This native art form of South Asia is used for decorating homes during festivals or any holidays. Previously natural materials like dry flour, Vermillion, turmeric, and flower petals, coloured sand or coloured rice was used, but nowadays there are artificial colours available as well. Rangoli is considered very auspicious in Hindu households and people pass it to their next generation because they want to preserve this art form. It is mainly done by the woman of the family and even the girl children as well. Rarely men join them. There are various rangoli designs that are done by the women of South Asia. However, if you have been newly introduced to this art form, then you will need help to decorate your house in a perfect way possible. Take a look at this article to learn more Rangoli designs that you can implement in your house and help to make your home look good.

  • Rangoli design with dots looks great during festive seasons. Make a geometric design with dots and design with flower petals after that. It will look great and simple. Make simple designs and at times you can even make white rangoli and make the dots with coloured powder. This is one great example and this will look good when you will decorate them on your household.
  • Draw simple floral patterns and at the beginner level you will feel problems making them, but with practice, you will get used to it. Floral motifs look the best and are easiest to make. Take help from online sites where you will get ideas for various designs.

  • Alpana Rangoli originated in Bengal and it looks very simple yet elegant. These designs look the best during any puja or even during weddings. There are several designs you will get online and you can even get designs out of your mi9nd. Just unleash your whole creativity and try to make as unique designs as possible.
  • During any puja make a square Rangoli and keep a lampstand in between the rangoli. Light the oil lamp and make sure you surround the rangoli with small lamps. This will look very gorgeous during any puja or even during Diwali.
  • Make a rangoli pattern with flower petals. Decorate the whole rangoli with flowers and see how beautiful it looks. It will surely transform the whole decor of the house. Keep a glass bowl with floating candles on it. Keep it beside the Rangoli and then you will see how gorgeous your whole house will become.

These are the best Rangoli designs and it can change the way your home looks and your view of your home will change as well. If you are unable to make these designs, then the best idea is to use some rangoli powder and make simple rangoli designs with dots that will look good on your home and people will surely praise you for your sense of aesthetics. So, next time any festive season comes or there is any festival in your home or even if there is any party, then make a rangoli on one side of your guest room and wow your guests with your creativity.

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