Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for SQL 2016

Posted On By Leen Bakker

Since its release, the SQL Server 2016 has taken the database management world by storm. It is being hailed as a big step up from the previous versions. Therefore upgrading to SQL 2016 is the next logical step for many. However, for those of you, who are still on the fence trying to decide whether to make the transition or not, here are top 5 factors to consider that may help you come to a decision.

You can use the Developer Edition for free:

SQL 2016 has made the Developer Edition free for all. It means you can check out its functionalities at zero upfront cost. You can use all the features of this edition as long as you are not going for production.

You can easily access Availability Groups:

SQL 2016 has made “Always On Availability Group,” a part of the standard edition. Users previously had to buy the enterprise edition to access this feature. It makes setting up a backup database much easier with automated steps. It gets your secondary database up and running within moments if your primary database ever crashes.

Saving backups are much easier now:

 SQL 2016 has successfully made taking backups much less of a headache. Setting up a storage account on Azure and creating a backup database there is only a matter of seconds. So, no more worrying about running out of space on the local server and your application suddenly crashing!

You can stretch your database:

SQL 2016 has an amazing stretch database option. This particular feature enables you to connect to Azure. You can configure the data that is not accessed very frequently to the Azure database, thereby reducing the size of your database. A smaller database is certainly easier to manage and can also improve performance significantly. There is also a handy link to Azure, which gives users easy access to the stored data, should they ever need it.

Reporting was never this easy:

SQL 2016 has cutting-edge reporting capability, to say the least. Reports can be accessed via a variety of mobile devices in the SQL server by default. SQL 2016 has made it possible for you to publish mobile-friendly reports to your website just with an easy click of a button. You can access these reports from your mobile app at any time. Having critical data at hand all the time is certainly useful.

Moreover, you can customize the reporting services of SQL 2016 at all times. You can brand it with your company’s logo which will appear on SSRS screens. The service also has an HTML5 interface which gives your report page a sharp, professional look.

Whether, you are simply curious about the changes that have been made to SQL’s Server, or are looking for new ways to enhance your current working environment by working on availability, backup and functionality issues, the updates and factors mentioned above are a lot to be excited about.

What you must also consider is that upgrading a database is not a simple task. How the job is done can essentially make or break the functionality of the program.  To control data redundancy, maintain data consistency, reduce downtime, upgrade data security, and have a proper data backup and recovery system, you can opt to connect with round-the-clock database monitoring and managing service providers like RemoteDBA. Availing expert services would not only ensure that you make the jump to SQL 2016 smoothly but also have 24×7 database administration support, regular performance checkup as well as SQL Server performance tuning.

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