GPS Tracking Mobile – An Introduction

GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking has been in use for at least 4 decades now and uses satellites to pinpoint the location of a person, device or vehicle and the time as well.  It is not considered a niche technology anymore as one can find a number of applications – cell phones, cars and even tablet computers. Check out the parental monitoring software reviews here.

Why should one use GPS tracking mobile?

There are many reasons to use GPS.  GPS tracking systems have helped in tracking and recovering lost property like phones and expensive vehicles.  Whether this technology is implemented for business or personal use, it is done to save owners of equipment a lot of money.  It is very important in a lot of cases as sensitive information about clients can be made available to competitors and misused.  Tracking devices in phones are really useful as they offer users the option of remotely locking their devices to make sure that data is kept safe.

Delivery companies and fleet operators invest in tracking mobile technology as it is important to know where delivery trucks are and that goods make it to their destination in a timely manner.  Managers are able to keep an eye on employees to make sure that they get enough rest, get to their locations on time and also provide excellent customer service.  Parents use GPS technology to keep track of their children and also alert the police in case of trouble.

How GPS helps Fleet management companies:

Car rental and trucking companies rely very heavily on GPS technology and many of them are working hard on inducting their employees into the system.  Drivers may have their concerns about GPS and invasion of privacy.  Explaining the rationale behind GPS use will help in the transition process.  Learn more about the parental monitoring software reviews here. Management has to do the following to ensure that staff is on board:

  • Emphasize benefits like no more need for log books, potential to earn bonuses for on time delivery, good driving practices and complying with DOT requirements.
  • Savings accrued due to good practices can be passed on to employees in the form of bonuses. Cost consciousness on the part of the company as well as its employees translates to efficient use of assets.
  • It is always a good idea to keep employees informed about the installation of GPS tracking. It is legal in all states and informing employees will do a lot of good.  Share available information and address their concerns.
  • Explain why GPS is essential and also ensure that they know that it is being used to optimize fleet efficiency. Workload distribution becomes easier when the shortest routes can be mapped and save drivers time.
  • Fleets are safer when drivers are able to stick with good driving practices. It keeps insurance premiums low, saves fuel and also helps with keeping maintenance schedules.
  • There may be some amount of resistance to the idea and it is important for the company to emphasize the benefits for both the drivers and the company.
  • Employees with good records will not have any issues with the installation of such devices. It is a good tool to bring about compliance.


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