Guide on Luxury Rehab vs. State Funded Rehab

Drug addicts are faced with two choices including luxury rehab or state funded rehab when they make up the mind to get treatment. There is a significant difference of the cost in between a luxury rehab and regular rehab. The main difference between luxury rehab and regular rehab is the amenities, comfort level and availability of staff.

Luxury rehab is located in a peaceful setting such as near the beach to give patients the best experience for their drug treatments. Luxury rehab offers a lot of high quality amenities to help patients to relax so that they can get better result in their treatments. At a luxury rehab, you can perform various types of exercises to distress yourself such as swimming, exercising at the gym, and hiking. Many luxury rehab houses a massage parlor where you can enjoy various types of massages by a professional massage therapist.

Patients will be assigned to stay at a large private master bedroom like they are staying at a five star hotel. There are a variety of personalized programs for the patients to choose from. Experiential therapy options are also available including equine therapy and art therapy. You will not only get treatment to remove your physical addiction but also get treatment for emotional disorder such as anxiety, panic attack as well as other types of disorders that are related to your drug addiction such as bipolar disorder and OCD.

Best rehab program will teach patients important life skills that help them to manage time, anger, and stress effectively. You will learn how to combine the right food to create a healthy and nutritious meal. The security around the luxury rehab is tighter which makes it suitable for high profile people who want some privacy during the treatment.

To enroll in a luxury rehab, you just need to call their hotline number and answer a questionnaire. They will enroll you into the program after you provide proof that you can pay for the luxury drug rehab treatment. Insurance plans can be accepted so be sure to inquire them whether they would accept your insurance plan for covering the cost of the program.

State funded rehab is established to help addicts who have lower income and don’t have the financial means to afford a luxury rehab. The free rehab aims to help patients with low income to find help for their drug addiction. State funded rehab centers do not offer the same level of amenities as luxury rehab. The drug treatment procedure and the treatment facilities that it provides are usually outdated because they don’t want to bear the cost for the upgrades. They are likely to use older techniques that was used decades ago which can might not work in treating the patients. It is possible for one to recover from his drug addiction but the recovery ratio is often low due to the lack of professional specialists and high quality equipment.

Because it is a free rehab program, many people with addiction problem will try to apply to get admit into the facility which results in a long waiting list. You will have to wait until your turn before the rehab once again has free room to admit more patients. Sometimes, you will have to wait up to 6 months to get admitted into the free rehab. Because it is a free rehab, they will put several patients in a small room. You can be affected by the negative energy caused by other patients who have even more serious addicts and become unmotivated to get well from your addiction.

There is a list of criteria that you must meet in order to enroll in the state funded rehab program. They may require you to show proof that you are unable to pay for a rehab program. They will include you in the wait list entry after verifying that you have meet all the criteria and provide the necessary information.


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