Effectiveness of Duromine

You must have heard of the popular weight loss drug Phentermine while looking for dietary medications on the internet. Duromine is nothing special but another brand name for Phentermine, intended to produce similar fat burning effects. It has been developed by the pharmaceutical company called iNova, which is under another company known as Vaelant Pharmaceuticals International and is usually prescribed for individuals suffering from acute cases of obesity or related health disorders. It is generally recommended to administer the dosage cycles under the supervision of a medical expert since any kind of mis regulation and result in severe biological problems such as cardiovascular issues, hormonal imbalance and abnormal blood pressure levels.

Individuals with a BMI (body mass index) of more than 27 usually suffer from high cholesterol levels, diabetes or elevated blood pressure. These patients are suitable candidates for Duromine and are prescribed with adequate doses by doctors and health experts. You can purchase Duromine from either authentic online websites or directly from Chemist Warehouse by visiting in person. In Queensland, there are around 52 locations where Chemist Warehouse can be found. In Victoria, there are more than 100 stores and in North Wales you will find 70 stores selling real Duromine. There are 20 stores in South Australia, in Western Australia you will find 13 stores and in the Northern part there are 3 stores. Pharmacy Direct is another option to buy genuine Duromine capsules and you will find some in South Wales.

How is Duromine available in the market?

Dietary supplementation products that are meant for weight loss or bulking muscles are sold in different forms including oral pills or capsules, intravenous injections, spray pens, liquid syrups, bulk powder or even topical gels and creams. If you wish to buy Duromine online from Australia, you can log on to the official website of steroidly.com and finish your transaction through debit or credits cards using PayPal as the safe transaction gateway. Duromine comes in different dose strengths, most popularly 15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg capsules. There are different colour combinations to differentiate between the 3 strengths of the capsules.

  • 15 mg tablets- coloured as gray and green and marked as Duromine 15.
  • 30 mg tablets- coloured as gray and reddish brown with a marked writing as Duromine 30.
  • 40 mg tablets- coloured as gray and orange and marked as Duromine 40.

What are the different components of Duromine tablets?

There are a lot of essential bioactive components that are present in the oral forms of real Duromine capsules. Each dose strength has some special ingredients attributing to different effects from the drug. The major ingredient of Duromine is the generic compound Phentermine along with other constituents such as magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, gelatine, lactose liquid paraffin and carbon black.

15 mg strengths of capsules contains Brilliant Blue FCF. The 30 mg tablets has iron oxide red and the 40 mg capsules have Sunset Yellow FCF and erythrosine. Now you can buy Duromine online from Australia but only if you have a prescription.


Explore the architectural splendour of Ajanta and Ellora caves

En route to the greens and fresh air of Ajanta and Ellora caves, located at a distance of just a hundred kilometres from the airport of Aurangabad. For the travelers planning for a tour to the city of dreams, Mumbai, this place is one of your top five must-visits. An exclusively exquisite journey option to this place, for those planning for an immensely luxury trip, is the one by the luxury trains of India- ‘The Deccan Odyssey’ or ‘Maharaja’s Express’. However, you choose your journey to be, here’s a detailed tour guide of Ajanta and Ellora caves, serving your wanderlust to the utmost.

When is the best time to visit this heritage reserve of India?

Being separated by a distance of about hundred kilometers, it will take you roughly 2 hours to drive from the Ajanta caves to that of Ellora. The time spanning from the month of June to that of September has this place often soaked in spells of showers. The time spanning from the month of November to that of February brings in a pleasantly cool weather for the tourists. With a much nominal entry fee of rupees 10 for the adult residents of India and rupees 250 for those from foreign lands, the Ajanta caves are open from 9 am to 9:30 pm, all week long except Mondays; and the Ellora caves are open from the time of sunrise to that of sunset on all seven days of a week.

The 30 rock–cut vintage caves of Ajanta have a few highlights in four of its caves- 1, 2, 4 and 17. This horse-shoe shaped rock cave houses the best of sculptures and paintings depicting the various phases of Buddha. The first cave is perhaps the most popular among the visitors with its doorway living to the grandeur of Bodhisattva murals. Also, you will find the wall paintings of the two significant life phases of Buddha- one portraying him the moment prior to his enlightenment and the other portraying him turning into multiple images. The detailed abstract designs on the ceiling of the second cave are praised by every visitor, till date. The fourth cave being a half-done architectural piece is counted among Ajanta’s largest monasteries.

Ellora caves at a glance

Scattered at a distance of 60kms from the caves of Ajanta, Ellora houses a collection of 34 caves. If not all the 34 then cave 1, 2, 15, 16 and 29 are the must-visits in your Ajanta Ellora tour. The first cave depicts the simplistic eight monastic cells. The second cave amazes you right from the doorway, with a sculpture- carved into Maitreya Buddha holding a lotus. Also, the sculpture of Buddha resting on a fierce lion amidst the 12 ornately carved square pillars explains the splendid artistry. The sixteenth cave is the major attraction of the devotees of Lord Shiva. Cave 15 has paintings portraying Lord Vishnu’s ten reincarnations while the 29th cave portrays sheer similarity with the elephant caves.

Apart from the architectural splendor, the Ajanta Ellora cultural festival, conducted during the winter months, stages folk performances and showcases special handcrafted Buddha sculptures and paintings. For those with a long weekend’s plan, there are worthy options of guest houses in this area as well.