Top Musician from the Hollywood – Their Net Worth will shock you:

The US magazine Forbes regularly evaluates data and determines which musician or band most deserves the most by means of advertising contracts, sold records and played concerts. The income is mentioned before deduction of the tax and before the payment of managers, attorneys, agents, etc. It turns out that especially tours are true gold pits and the stars per performance in part several million in the cash. Check out a complete list of the celebrities on – Not only singers but you will see so many other celebrities in various fields such as sports, business, and politics.

Diddy (The US $ 62 million)

Diddy, Puff Daddy or just Diddy (his native name is Sean Combs) is a well-known rap artist and with US$ 62 million the tenth most successful musician in 2016. This is not just about his music but Also on a very lucrative commercial with the spirits manufacturer Diageo’s Ciroc Vodka.

Calvin Harris (The US $ 63 million)

The DJ Calvin Harris receives for his performances six-digit gigs which bring him the penultimate place on this ranking. He also has an endorsement contract with Giorgio Armani. He could even boast with the successful and by the way first singer Taylor Swift.

Rolling Stones (US $ 66.5 million)

Founded in 1962, the English rock band, recorded in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 can look back on a long and, above all, very successful history. Even so successful, they are still on tour today and deserve their place among the Top 10 of the richest.

AC / DC (US $ 67.5 million)

As a forerunner of the hard rock applies AC / DC, they were originally known by Highway to Hell. So far, they have sold more than 200 million albums of which their album Back in Black is the second most popular record ever.

Here we have talked about some of the top musicians from the Hollywood if you want to know the list of top Singers with their net worth – Visit now.

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