Elevation of lululemon the yoga inspired business by Chip Wilson

It needs courage to start a new business especially to bring a new product in to the market. Once after stating the business, it is important to take the business from one level to another level. Taking the business from one level to another level is not easy but at the same time it is not impossible. Business is a challenging field and it needs courage and bold step to make the way towards success. Inspiration is the one of the common quality each business person should have. The person that desires or strives to become entrepreneur should be ready to take inspirations from people and the things happening around. The business person has to keep his survey always active so that he could read the market and consumers.

Without reading the market and consumers it will not be possible for the business to achieve in the business. The achievement starts from the little spark or the inspiration that comes all of a sudden. The inspiration will become a vision and the efforts taken towards the inspiration would become carrying the vision. The efforts will be slowly become the values and the values carry out the primary goal of the business. These are the important qualities the business person should have so that he will be a successful entrepreneur. The successful entrepreneur will have spark, vision and values to drive the vision. The one of the most famous Canadian business man, the philanthropist, and the leader who is being a role model for many entrepreneurs is chip wilson.

The main idea behind the success of this successful entrepreneur is the vision he had during the inception of lululemon. He grasped the idea of producing at leisure which was new those days. He is the first person to come up with this idea and he got this idea as the yoga has started spreading widely in the country. As he understood the need for yoga apparel he got the idea called at leisure and it is the birth of lululemon. At leisure is nothing but the apparel that can be used for workout and also casual wear. The person interested in yoga workouts can use this as they don’t have to change their casual wear for yoga class or session. They can use this apparel for both the use.


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