DIY- How To Create A Feminine Bedroom

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When it comes to trying to create a feminine bedroom, it is important to consider the fact that every woman is different. Therefore, every woman’s idea of feminine is probably different too. However, there are some things that do work fairly universally to create a feminine effect. The bedroom is one place where it is good to express your femininity with abandon. As your personal space, you can decorate it any way that pleases you.

Use an Abundance of Color or Colors

Perhaps you like rich and bold colors or pastel shades. Either way, color is usually a good way to start the process of creating a feminine bedroom. Some of the most popular colors include cream colors, soft white shades, mint green, salmon, heather blue, rosy pink and lavender.

If you already have the walls painted the color that pleases you, it is time to move forward with the room’s decorations, which include carpeting, curtains and bedding. If you have pastel green or purple walls, you can choose a bold and rich purple duvet cover or green duvet cover for your bed.

Regardless of which color you choose for your duvet, you can choose from the other color for your pillowcases, trim materials and decorative pillows that you place on your bed.

Florals and Prints Add to the Feminine Allure

Whether you use florals and prints in your walls, bedding or in your curtains, they are a hallmark of feminine decor. As long as they adhere to your general color scheme, florals and prints automatically ramp up the feminine feeling you want for your bedroom. Floral prints are trending in 2014 home décor.

Make it Dreamy and Other Worldly With Soft and Gentle Linens

While not always the way women choose to go to make their bedroom feminine, there is often an element of fantasy and escapism when decorating a retreat space. The color scheme will give you a good start on this, but you can also choose linens that match your walls and contrast against the bold colors in your duvet and top bedding.

Additionally, make sure your linens are soft and feature a high thread count. This point is important so you can nod off to sleep in rich comfort as well as feminine beautiful decor.

Choose a Soft Mattress

Whether visit at to choose a featherbed from goose feathers or duck down or you go with a fiber bed for something hypo-allergenic, make sure you go with something soft and sumptuous. While your linens and bed cover will give your bedroom a soft and billowy appearance, your mattress can back it up and create a good base loft upon which your bedding can build.

Curtains, Lighting Fixtures and Other Accent Items

These types of pieces help you seal the deal on your feminine bedroom space. Choose a soft material for your curtains so they gently blow in the breeze while you might choose a more antique style of lighting fixture. A chandelier over your bed might work perfectly. A visit to the antique store is perfect to find vintage mirrors and lamps, armoires and nightstands.

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