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bus from KL to GentingTravelling to Genting from Kuala lumpur is very easy. There are several modes of transportation to the destination, you can either book a car to land directly to Genting or taxi will also be a good option but it is quite expensive. Apart from the two options you can also book a bus from KL to Genting as it would be the best and most cost-effective transportation option to Genting.If you are comfortable by bus then,book a bus for you and your family from KL to Genting and experience the beauty of highlands.

Why should I travel by bus to Genting?

Genting is situated at the Peak of the Titiwangsa Mountains. Since it is located at the mountains it offers beautiful sightseeing, fun and excitement to tourists travelling here. Travelling to Genting by bus will be the best choice due to the following reasons.

  1. Travelling by bus will allow you to explore incredible natural highland beauty of Genting.
  2. Since Genting is located on the mountains, travelling by car or taxi would not be safe. Hence, going by bus will be the safest option for you.
  3. Hiring a car or a taxi from KL to Genting will be expensive hence bowing a bus will be economical and right option for you.
  4. You will be able to watch the beautiful hill top resorts situate at the Genting Highlands.
  5. You will enjoy the beauty of nature if you travel by bus.

How can I book a bus?

These days’ many travel agencies have turn out with many luxuriousyet economical bus options for travellers. You can opt for different bus services from any of the travel agencies. They indeed offer luxurious buses at very reasonable prices. There are many bus service providers that offer bus booking online. To book any busto Genting from KLvisit their website online and look into various options to make the best choice. Booking online will not only make your search easy but will save you lots of money which would not have been possible offline.

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