A surge protector or surge diverter is a device that protects the electrical appliances/devices from the voltage spikes and it blocks or shortens the voltage provided to an electrical device. The main function of best home surge protector is to protect from surges to keep the electrical appliances safe. It attempts to ground or block ground the unwanted voltage beyond the safe threshold and limit the amount of voltage that is being supplied to the electrical device.  It helps in protecting the electrical appliances from the power surges in the electrical system.

A surge protector is standard equipment while you buy a computer system.  The main design helps in serving the function of plugging multiple components in a single power outlet. There are various components that are there with a computer system but the surge protector is a very useful device. It protects the computer electronics from the surges in power that is a very important function of a surge protector.

best home surge protectorr

Basically transient voltage or a surge is the fluctuation or increase in the voltage that is significantly above the standard or designated level appropriate for the electrical appliance in the flow of electricity. In US the standard voltage is 120 volts in normal office and household wiring. But in case the voltage level increases from 120 volts it creates a problem and therefore there is a need of surge protector that will help in preventing the problem and can safeguard the electrical appliances or devices.

If the fluctuation in the voltage is very high enough then there will be heavy damage to the appliance or the machine. The effect will be very similar when you apply heavy water pressure to the hose and it will burst due to that water pressure. Therefore same is the case of wire as heavy electrical pressure burst the wire. The same thing happens in a bulb as it highly heats up the bulb filament and burn that.

The surge protectors need to be replaced after few years as they cannot last forever and wear out. Most of them have a LED indicator that tells you regarding a problem. There are various surge protectors like:

  • Tripp Lite TLP1008TEL- when the protection wears out then it helps in stopping the power delivery as well as meet the bar for quality
  • Belkin Pivot Plug 12-Outlet provides good protection to the devices and it has a design that maximizes the access to outlets for different types of plugs. In case if it can no longer stop the surge it keeps on providing power to the electrical appliances.
  • Accell Powramid D080B-15K- it has a very compact and conical design that provides easy access to all the power outlets. When the protection failed then it blocks the power. Moreover it has two USB ports for connecting devices.
  • Tripp Lite Spike Cube- it provides heavy duty protection to the devices and has one outlet. It fits in a bag as it is very small and well suited for travelling.

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