Best Practice Guidelines for Brisbane Family Lawyers

Every job has a certain code of conduct and principles to follow in order to ensure that the customers are the receivers of your service get an optimum return.  The job becomes even more important when it involves families and their emotion.

Here is a list of certain guidelines which family lawyers are expected to follow. The aim of these guidelines is to encourage best practices in the lower Court and to adopt a constructive approach to the resolution of family disputes. As part of these guidelines Brisbane family lawyers are required to alert couples regarding the risks involved in custody cases and have regard to the interest and protection of children thereby fostering a long-term family relationship.

In the basic practices guidelines in the family law court of Brisbane goes as follows.

  • Brisbane family lawyer should be constructive, respectful and should seek to minimize and conflicts among the couples.
  • A lawyer should have an objective outlook towards the entire case and not get swayed by the emotion of their client.
  • Family lawyers in Brisbane should avoid using inappropriate inflammatory languages in any forms of communication be it written or spoken.
  • They should make their client aware about the Limited relevance of allegations or evidence of conduct.
  • Brisbane family lawyers should uphold the virtues of justice and equality and should avoid actions that that are usually meant for hindering or delaying the opposing a party without any relevant reason.
  • They should make their clients aware about the various stages of a family law case which includes the cost of action, communication, both short and long-term consequences, the consequences the case can have on the children involved and to the implication of the court order on their Future plans.
  • Brisbane lawyers should discourage their clients from participating in any actions which is misleading or dishonest in its inherited purpose.
  • Family lawyers should advise their clients that their input must be in the interest of their children before their own, because failing to do so can have serious impacts on the well being of the child.
  • It is the duty of the lawyer to have open and free communication with their clients about the various intricacies of the case and keep the discussion free from legal jargons.
  • They should forward copies of important letters to their client for keeping a record especially if the correspondence contains important proposals regarding settlements.  Lawyers should also ensure that the client understands the meaning of the documents before they sign them.
  • Last but not the least at all stages during the case a good lawyer should always advise and encourage his clients to look for alternative means and resources of solving the case out of the court including mediation. is a non-profit legal firm which employs some of the best Brisbane family lawyers. The firm believes in providing affordable and high quality legal service to clients all over the country. The company operates on a non-profit basis which allows them to focus more on people and their problems instead of using them as a money churning machine.

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