What to expect from multi shot fireworks

multi shot fireworks

When you are looking at multi shot fireworks for sale it is implied that you are referring to cakes, one of the most common fireworks for shows. No fireworks display can be complete without this versatile item that holds center stage.  The major attraction of this kind of fireworks is its ability to produce a plethora of timings and effects that can keep the audience enthralled.  The spectacular visuals that are created serially in the night sky would not have been possible without this splendid item. It is thus natural that whenever we talk about fireworks display  we visualize the gorgeous bright patterns created in the sky that invoke mesmerizing designs generated by  multi shot fireworks.

Repetitive enjoyment

It is difficult to explain how thrilling one feels when enjoying the beauty of multi shot fireworks. The beauty of this item lies in its ability to compound the enjoyment as one after another shot is fired from a single cake to keep the show going on for few minutes. How long the firework can last depends on the number of shots packed in it. Sellers who advertise multi shot fireworks for sale specify the number of shots that each piece contains.  From 9 shots to 12, 16 19, 25, 39 and 49 shots, cakes are available in different specifications. More the number of shots packed in a single cake the longer will be its duration of performance and wider will be the variety of colors and designs that it can create. When this firework is launched into the sky, it simply makes you hold your breath to soak in the beauty that it creates.

multi shot fireworks

More the merrier

Cakes amply demonstrate why we should feel merrier when served with more.  The sequential bursting of the tubes contained in the cake creates a sensation that can set the adrenaline running. The audience that witnesses fireworks display is obliged to savor the awe inspiring show that would not have been possible without the magical performance of cakes. However, there is a specified limit to the number of shots that can be packed in a cake. The law ensures that cakes are designed and manufactured to a maximum weight which automatically limits the number of shots that it can produce because it restricts the number of tubes that can be accommodated in a cake.

Power of shots and its duration

Twenty to forty seconds is the standard longevity of any typical multi shot fireworks for sale. Making it last for more than 60 seconds or a minute is considered to be long lasting according to industry standard. The duration can be increased by using slow burning fuse and the altering way the internal fusing is done. The power of shots is determined by the diameter or bore size of the tubes. The maximum permissible bore size of 3 cm will have the maximum impact when it explodes. The number of tubes does not have any impact on the power of the shots.

The price of cakes will depend on the intensity of shots and the duration of display.


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