4 Eco Friendly Green Gifts for Your Loved Ones

It’s high time for us to be more concerned towards Mother Nature. We have done lots of damage to the environment around us as an outcome of our modern lifestyle and the high rise in diseases or natural calamities is a result of our treatment to the nature. If this is the trend of our usage of nature, we would hardly leave anything green for our posterity. The best way to promote and educate people about this green thought is to gift our loved ones on their special days with sustainable products.

Promoting Recycling

Instead of throwing away plastic bags and bottles, they can be recycled and made into some useful stuff. Many such recycled or up cycled products are available in both online and offline shops. You can get online gifts to Dubai after selecting some of the useful recycled stuffs. Up cycled clothes that are turned into bags, compressed wine bottle trays, lampshades made out of plastic spoons, hanging lamps made out of used bottles or glasses, reused textiles, fleeces, and jewelry are some for the options that can be gifted to people on special occasions.

Promote Conservation

There are many species that are endangered now and if we don’t take good care of these species, they may soon wither away from our planet. Organizations like WWF – World Wildlife Foundation, the Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, etc. allows to adopt an animal of these endangered slot. You may also buy gifts from them for your loved ones that would further benefit the organization and its conservation related work. You can also get a membership of any wildlife conservation group for your loved ones and promote a better life.

Experience Gifts

This slot can be termed as a minimalist gift because rather than presenting a tangible gift wrapped in colorful papers, you can give an experience to your loved ones. A bicycle tour, learning dance, cooking classes, pottery classes, movie tickets, or wine tasting are some of those gifts that doesn’t pollute the environment and end up giving a nice experience to your friend or relative. Any tangible gift would diminish after a while but these kind of experience gifts would always be remembered by your people.

Handmade Gifts

This one is always very special because you invest more time in preparing it for your folks. And these gifts are economical as well as eco-friendly. Knit a sweater or make candles, clay pots, or jewelry with the required raw materials which are always minimal. These gifts would be much loved because it would show how much you love your sweetheart. In a fast world where everything is available easily in online world, if you are devoting so much time in making a gift for someone that means there prevails unconditional love for that lucky gift receiver. You can also choose some awesome personalized gifts from various online gifting portals.

These gifts would be enjoyed by your friends and family in Dubai and your motto of spreading awareness about Nature would be successful.

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