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Our website details all features and benefits of the time clock tool. If you wish to know more detail and how the clock feature and employee scheduling work, visit

The websites home page gives you an over view of the different things you can do once the tool is integrated into your website. The home page also has customer recommendations. To study the features in detail you can access the Features Page from the top bar. And if you have already installed the clock and wish to login, you can do so from the home page itself.

You can browse through the detailed features and benefits on the Features page. This page is accessible from the Features tab, next to the Home page tab. It contains details on how each feature works and is supported by charts and graphs. Illustrations are also given.

The Home page also gives a download link. You can click here to download the tool. Once you click, you will be redirected to a form page. You can fill in your personal details and business mail address before downloading. You can also sign up directly by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ tab on the top navigation bar. This will also redirect you to the forms page.

The top navigation bar also has a FAQ page. This page is useful for existing users who have already installed the tool. It addresses some common queries and provides answers. If the query you are looking for is not addressed here, you can always contact us.

Contact details are given on the Contact Us page. Even before you click the Contact Us tab, you will see our contact phone number highlighted. You can call us anytime you wish to talk to us between 9-5 p, EST.  Or you can fill up the form on Contact Us page and write your query. Visit our office if you wish to with the address and map details given on this page.

Customer recommendations and experience with our software are given on the Home page itself. The press coverage of our product is also mentioned here. The site is very intuitive and easy to use

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