Important Lessons you Learn from Lord Krishna’s Teachings

Lord krishna teachings

The lord Krishna is an eighth form (avtaar) of Lord Vishnu who is worshiped with a lot of devotion not only in India, but across the world. Everybody is aware of the most religious spiritual book, i.e. the Bhagwad Gita that discusses the teachings of Lord Krishna for the whole universe. This book has not only been read by Indians, but is also very popular in other countries as it depicts the universal truths in a beautiful manner. Gita is a part of Mahabharata that was written by a sage named as Ved Vyasa. When the fight of Mahabharata was going on between the Kaurav and Pandav brothers, Arjun one of the Pandav’s brothers lost hope, then Lord Krishna gave him “Gita Gyan” that is also mentioned in the Bhagwad Gita Shlokas. So, there are many lessons for life that you can get to learn from this religious book.

Some of the important life lessons that you can learn from the Lord Krishna’s teachings:

  1. Stay away from thoughts of mine or yours and small or Big:

The teaching of Lord Krishna says that there is nothing like small or big in this world that can create any difference. Everything is materialistic that makes a person greedy and selfish. We stay busy in collecting materialistic things for ourselves that are not going to stay with us after death. So, it is good to get rid of such evil thoughts that keep us in tensions or stress.

  1. Expectations keep coming and going every second:

It is a fact that your expectations might be coming and going every second, i.e. every second, you desire for something new. These expectations insist people to do evil actions. But a human being should not be disappointed by such expectations and should enjoy the show of life. So, one should not fall in the chain of expectations or desires.

  1. Everything happens for good:

Lord Krishna teaching says that a human being should not feel bad about what happened in past and should not worry for future in advance. A human being needs not to worry about the things that have gone away and things that are coming in the future, he only needs to enjoy with what is happening at present.

  1. Devote yourself to Lord Krishna:

We all are aware of the fact that people stay with us till the time we do good for them. If we forget to do good for them, they stop caring for us, but Krishna stays always with us no matter we remember Krishna in our thoughts or not. So, devote yourself to Krishna and you can never be troubled by grief or stress.

  1. Came to this world empty handed and would leave empty handed:

We have come into this world empty handed and we would leave this world empty handed. We have got everything here after birth and we would everything here only. So, one should be satisfied with everything they have and should not be greedy.

The Bhagwad Gita Shloka discusses the teachings of Lord Krishna that always helps a human being to uplift in life and brings positive vibes in the life of a human being. Lord Krishna teachings are a path to the spiritualism that can transform the life of a human being.


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