Fraud should top the list of fears for business owners

When you ask any business owner what they feel represents the largest threat to the existence of their companies, few would say fraud. However, it is a very real possibility that can hit any organization at any time. Take, for example, the saga that MX Properties is currently embroiled in. Due to no real fault of their own, they have been defrauded out of over $1 million and are working hard to try and salvage their company and reputation. It all started with the introduction of one John S. Diak.

Mr. Diak was hired on by MX Properties in late 2016 as an outside consultant whose job it was to source new and exciting business opportunities. As luck would have it, the consultant had just the opportunities in mind. He made some initial introductions and thus partnerships were born that held the potential for many mutually beneficial relationships. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well for MX Properties when all of the business partners ultimately disappeared with the initial deposit money totaling $1 million. All MX Properties had was an admission from the consultant that he had known that these partners were “bad guys” and that the money they had sent was as good as gone.

All was not lost, it seemed, however, as the consultant went “out on a limb” for MX Properties and engaged in the services of a Lisbon Portugal lawyer named Carmen De Souza. Ms. De Souza indicated that she could help MX Properties get access to the project funding previously promised by the business partners so long as MX Properties was willing to pay her a sum of $11,000, which would represent her legal fees, though these fees were not well defined in the inducement letter addressed to Mr. Diak.

While MX Properties was initially suspect of the letter as well as any additional contacts that came through the consultant, they ultimately thought this way had the best chance at an acceptable outcome and the best chance to recover their money. They paid the fees as a wire transfer and waited for funds release. This too, never came, even after assurances that the payment was received and the instructions for payment had been sent by Ms. De Souza.

When it became obvious that Carmen de Souza was just one more link in the fraudulent chain of people that had been introduced by John Diak, MX Properties went on the offensive, taking their story public in a way that they hoped would elicit a positive response from anyone involved in the fraud scheme and would ultimately result in the return of their money or in access to project funding. However, the only response thus far as been in the form of emails and libelous statements being made in public by an unnamed participant in an attempt to draw attention away from the issues at hand. Visit to learn more about the MX Properties saga.

Few Lisbon Portugal lawyers are an unscrupulous and unethical as Carmen De Souza. Visit today to learn why you shouldn’t hire her for legal representation.

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