Improve the Appearance through Liposuction in India


Liposuction is cosmetic surgery done to reshape one or more parts of the body. The primary aim is to get a better figure that has more aesthetic appeal. Reducing weight is not the purpose of liposuction.

The usual places that form the target of liposuction are legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, neck, upper arms, and face. The liposuction cost in India is low making it attractive for people to have their cosmetic surgery done here.

Different varieties of liposuction

Depending on the method used and the aim of the liposuction, we classify them into different types. Here is the list of the various types:

Dry liposuction: This is an old method where the fat removal takes place without the use of fluids. This method carries a high risk of burning of the skin and bleeding. Nobody uses this type of liposuction anymore.

Tumescent liposuction: First we mark the area of the body that we liposuction. We pump a vessel constrictor such as epinephrine along with a local anaesthetic such as lidocaine mixed in a saline solution, under the skin. We use small suction tubes called as microcannulas to draw out the fat. This method is safe and so it is popular.

Power-assisted liposuction (PAS): Otherwise known as powered liposuction, in this method we use a cannula with a power source so the movement is fast and uninterrupted. This allows us to draw out the fat easily.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: Here we power the cannula with ultrasound. The idea is to melt the fat using the ultrasound energy so that you can suction out the emulsified fat. We use this method to remove fats from areas having hair such as the male breast or if you have done liposuction in the area before.

Laser-assisted lipolysis: Even in this method, we use a tumescent fluid along with laser energy. This procedure is less invasive. A small cannula is inserted through a minute incision and laser energy is guided to heat the fat under the skin. Here, the surgeon may leave the incisions open so that the excess fluid can drain out. This may take six months or more.

You should spend the night in the hospital after the liposuction surgery. They may start the patient on antibiotics immediately. You may also get analgesics for the inflammation and the pain.


Risks associated with liposuction

The worst-case scenario is that the patient develops contour irregularities. This may happen due to poor skin elasticity or because of uneven removal of the fat. This will result in the skin appearing as bumpy, wavy, withered, or lifeless. Another thing that might happen is the patient develops skin infections. At times, you may need to treat it surgically and the patient might develop scarring.

More serious problems happen when the fat you syphon off travels through the veins to the lungs. They block the circulation in the lungs and this might prove life-threatening. The change in the fluid levels of the body might result in heart or kidney problems. Finally, the person may develop allergic reactions to the surgical procedure. You can find out the liposuction surgery cost in India from the website of the hospital.

One may combine other cosmetic procedures with the liposuction such as a tummy tuck, a face-lift, or breast reduction. After the operation, the patient might feel numb in some parts of the body.

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