Manage employees online

An organization’s success is more dependent on employees and employee productivity. HR and management are both responsible to direct employees and manage their time effectively. A once tedious task involving sheets of paper or excel workbooks is now simplified with our new software Time Clock Boss and Employee Management features.

Our software is fully integrated system, with manifold features which help you manage your workforce better. The Time Clock Boss and Employee Management features it offers are unparalleled. Just one platform to manage all your employee activities like time tracking, employee scheduling, task management and payroll reporting.

The software eases HR burden and makes it simple to do payroll reporting. No matter what the activity, time tracking or scheduling employee shifts, Time Boss will make it easier. Time Clock boss is a free utility available for managing employees. Get things done and save money, time and frustration by using our software.

Our software eases your life with the following features.

  • Employee Scheduling- Plan your employees schedule; replicate; edit & copy.
  • Task Management – Assign and track activities for each employee.
  • Mobile Time App – Access via mobile. Employees can clock in via mobile interface.
  • Location based – Available across physical locations for clocking in and can be assigned to particular locations.
  • Time Tracking – Records clock in and clock our hours and also tracks amount of time spent on activity.
  • Payroll Reporting – Auto calculate payroll with pre-recorded clock in hours
  • Customizable Alerts –Easy for managers to receive notifications for late coming
  • Expense Management – Employees can record and track expenses incurred.

Some of the benefits of using our employee management software are

  • Ease of Use –We have a very simple and intuitive interface. The user will easily understand how to use the software.
  • Saves Time and Money – Number of productive hours saved in tracking employees and calculating payroll are very high. You will also have a more accurate reporting system for clock-in times and more.
  • Safe – Secure your data in world’s safest data centers without worrying about losing it.
  • Customizable – We generate fully customizable reports which can be exported in any format and be compatible with any reporting software that you use.