Continual Sleep Disorder Can Be Fatal: Seek Expert Advices

Continual Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders refer to a cluster of conditions which typically influence the general human aptitude to having well and healthy sleep habitually. Irrespective of these are caused by any health problem or due to hectic work pressure, over stress, anxiety or anything, different medical report reveals that more than 70% of Americans, age groups between 20 to 58 experience difficulty sleeping significantly and regularly.

Great importance of Quality Sleep

Similar to eating healthy diets, daily workouts, having enough relaxing sleep is a vital need for healthy living. Quality sleeping offers your body the required rest and respite and helps restore energy. The energy is the fuel that enables you to carry out your different functions on the next day. Healthy sleep refers to both quantity and quality of sleep which enables one to keep up best alertness during the day.

As per the outlook of Dr.Jonathan Lauter MD one of the most distinguished specialists in clinical neurodevelopment area and psychiatric, based New York that different research findings state that sleep loss or continual disorder leads to acute ‘sleep debt’, that a human body wants and the insufficiency of sound sleep most likely to cause varieties of physical and mental health problems, disorderly digestive system, low energy, memory lapses apart from hypertension or high blood pressure and more.

Major causes of Sleep Disorder 

In general, healthy sleep mode can be disrupted by different factors, and among them, a few include:

  • Stress/ Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression/ Fatigue
  • Overly busy activity schedule/ family demands
  • Unhealthy diet habits/ Smoking / Consumption of Alcohol
  • Hormonal influences (typically found in women during menstruation, ovulation, post menopause hot flashes, night sweats etc)
  • In continuation of pregnancy, caused by body aches, leg cramps, heartburn or leg cramps etc
  • Central sleep disorders like sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome

Among the above, hormonal influences or pregnancy related sleep disorder are typically of temporary nature while sleep apnea is a sleep disorder and needs physician’s consultancy.

Continual Sleep Disorder

It is, on the other hand fatigue is a very common and widespread symptom of depression. As estimated, up to 25% of women experience depression some point in their lifetime. Similarly, the National Institute of Mental Health research finding states that fatigue or lessened energy is some great symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. Thus, these are all related with one another and needs immediate intervention, assessment and management by experts in psychiatric or psychotherapist.

Get management

Dr. Jonathan Lauter, MD presently functioning as the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry-Outpatient Clinic, Elmhurst Hospital Center has been devoted to provide his compassionate support, insightful solutions and optimal class management to victims of mental diseases. As per the physician that still today, people have very less awareness in connection with of complexity of mental disorder which can end with alarming physical conditions.

Being in mental health care practicing for nearly 2 decades, with a view to offer more focused services; he has initiated his personal care clinic, located in Manhattan. He has been equipped with a very efficient and dedicated team of psychiatrists, occupational and talk therapists, assistant doctors and nurses at both the centers. Interested individuals can meet the doctor at any centers above as per their convenience.


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