A fast and easy way to increase muscle mass

Known by the chemical name Oxymetholone, Anadrol is a powerful anabolic compound and is popular not only for its muscle enhancing capabilities but also for its ability to improve stamina and reduce post-recovery time period after a strict workout routine. With a wide range of dosage options available, this compound can be incorporated in any imaginable cycle present. It was initially developed with the objective of treating people suffering from anemia and since then it has been in use by people suffering from various ailments relating to weight-loss issues. The ability of this compound to stimulate erythropoiesis exceeds that of similar other anabolic supplements.

The prohormone being highly anabolic and mildly androgenic produces effects which can increase as much as 25 pounds within one and a half month. This benefit makes it one of the most sought after compounds by athletes and professional bodybuilders to be used during their bulking cycle for obtaining huge gains. However, stacking this compound with other products provide more pronounced outcomes such as a stack with tren and Anadrol 50 but it should always be undertaken with the assistance of a health-care practitioner to avoid the occurrence of any severe negative impacts on the body.

Legal status

Although Anadrol 50 was used as an effective supplement for the treatment of various medical conditions, its potential for abuse has led the FDA to include it to the list of controlled substances in the USA. However, doctor’s still recommend the use of this supplement for the treatment of health problems like autoimmune disorders and anemia which indicates that this can be procured only upon presentation of a medical prescription. For those unsure of the prevailing legal status in a particular state should opt for the online mode of purchase to avoid any complications arising in future.

Choosing the best stacking option

The stacking options for this compound are considered to be one of the most powerful oral combinations for building muscle mass. However, the options available are not those that can be changed frequently or used without the help of any professional. A single wrong move can ruin the entire result or even alter the effects to produce severe negative impacts on the body. The Anadrol stacking combination varies from cycle to cycle and in order to derive the maximum results from its use opting for the most appropriate stacking option is the key.

A basic consideration is that Anadrol stacks require the help of testosterone for the maximum results during a cycle.This will help to covert estrogen into testosterone thereby increasing the overall level of the male hormone within the system. A stack with tren and Andarol 50 is also suitable but in case of any stacking option the consumption of Anadrol should not exceed the daily dosage intake of 50mg per day. This is recommended for those who has been using this supplement for the first time. However, before starting a cycle, the user should test the effects of this compound on the body through the consumption of a 25mg tablet.